Moss Melt Q&A

Below you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about Moss Melt.

Moss Melt is a high concentration, low dose contact herbicide for the control of moss & algae.

Moss Melts’ patented concentrate formula, is an emulsified d-limonene. The remaining ingredients are proprietary non-toxic and safe surfactants.

Moss Melt contains d-limonene, or citrus oil extract, a powerful, natural degreasing agent that strips away the waxy cuticle from moss & algae, causing fast wilting (necrosis), dehydration and death.

Moss Melt has a full EPA registration to be applied by professional & commercial applicators.

Moss Melt is labelled for use on Lawns, Turf in addition to, Structures such as Roofs, Driveways, Fences, Decks, Siding, Steps, Patios, and Other Outdoor Surfaces constructed of Composition Shingles, Wood, Asphalt, Concrete, Brick, Tile, Stone and Plastic Resins.

No, it is very cost effective, in fact Moss Melt is less expensive than most competing EPA approved Moss Herbicide’s.

See label for complete application instructions. For general purpose broadcast applications, use product at a ratio of 1 part Moss Melt into 50 parts of water (2.56 oz/ gallon water) or a 2% spray solution.

For best performance thorough coverage of moss or algae is necessary. The volume required per 1000 sq. ft. will depend on density of moss. At least 3.5-4 gals per 1000 sq. ft. is recommended to insure adequate coverage.

Moss Melt is a 70% concentration material and a little bit goes a long way. One gallon of Moss Melt will treat 12,500 sq. ft. of regular moss and 8,333 sq. ft. of thick moss.

Moss Melt is compatible with most other pesticides and fertilizers, if you are unsure conduct a jar test. On lawns or turf use caution with mixing herbicides or fertilizers. When mixing with herbicides follow manufactures precautions.

Moss Melt is contains surfactants however, you may see faster or better activity with the addition of an adjuvant that improves spreading or penetration of the moss surface.

Moss Melt is fast acting, effects will be seen within one –three days. Treated moss will turn white, light yellow to dark orange or brown in color.

Moss Melt works fastest in mild, humid conditions. Moss Melt does not require warmth or sunlight; it will work well under cool (down to 40º F) and overcast conditions. Avoid treatments in temperatures above 75º F, to reduce rapid evaporation of spray solution.

Moss melt is rain fast with in 1 hour of application, with in this time it will have started dissolving the cuticle.

Do not spray Moss Melt in the rain or if rain is expected within one hour. The rain can further dilute the product absorbed by the moss reducing the product’s efficacy.

The best treatment is on actively growing and relatively moist moss. Under these conditions moss will draw in the spray solution like a sponge. If the moss is water soaked results will be poor. Allow heavy dew to evaporate prior to Moss Melt applications and do not apply during or shortly after rain.

Treated areas can be replanted or reseeded the same day.

When used at a 2% concentration it is safe to use in and around plants, but is not labeled to spray over the top of plants. Higher concentrations of spray solution 5%-10% + can injure plants.

Through testing it was discovered that moss & algae are very sensitive to the active ingredient. This rate selectivity is at the 2% concentration spray solution. Higher concentrations can damage grass.

Moss Melt has a much lower use rate than soap or fatty acid herbicides. When compared to Zinc or Iron products Moss Melt works more quickly and is labeled for lawns, roofs and hard surfaces.

Moss Melt leaves a citrus scent during and shortly after application.

Moss Melt has the lowest signal word “Caution” allowed on pesticides. Compared to other moss herbicides it is not caustic or corrosive and less dangerous to humans. Always follow the user safety recommendation on the label.

For all non-agricultural situations there is no reentry interval, but we recommend staying out until it has dried.

Moss Melt can safely be used on roofs, and other structural surfaces without staining or causing damage.

Moss Melt may damage paint on newly painted surfaces.

It will not damage gutters, metal flashing or downspouts.

Moss Melt is USDA NOP organic listed and OMRI listing is pending approval.

Moss Melt is highly biodegradable and results in no ground water contamination or residue. (US FDA classifies limonene as GRAS, essentially no measurable toxicity. The EPA states limonene is “practically non-toxic to birds, fish and mammals” and is highly biodegradable).

Moss Melt is available in 1, 2.5 ,5, & 55 gallon containers.

CLICK HERE for the label. CLICK HERE for the MSDS Sheet.

Moss Melt is available from your local professional landscape supplier.

Currently it is registered in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California is pending approval. If you would like Moss Melt to be registered in you state please contact Green Spear, Inc.

For Effective Moss Control On:

Lawns - Turf - Around Border Plants - Roofs - Driveways - Fences - Decks - Siding - Steps - Patios - And Other Outdoor Surfaces Including Composition Shingles - Wood - Asphalt - Concrete - Brick - Tile - Stone and Plastic Resins

Your eco-friendly cost effective moss & algae herbicide!

Your eco-friendly cost effective moss & algae herbicide!